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Building a more playful home

Golf pic2Americans work harder now than ever, with many delaying retirement or starting second careers, so they want their homes to be a refuge and a place to unwind.  That’s why the newest trend in home building isn’t so much about children these days it’s all about building a more playful home.  

Working hard is great and having a strong work ethic is what allows you to build your Hart DeNoble dream home, so why not maximize the effort and build something fun, too.

It basically comes down to this – how do you like to spend your free time? Spaces that encourage relaxing with a playful twist are trending higher on their wish lists, whether it’s

Putting green 2a backyard bocce court (the latest outdoor amenity to show up in residential backyards) or a chip and putt type of lawn fun. And sports don’t have to be relegated to the outdoors; technological advances have allowed for rapid improvement in indoor golf simulators, for example.

While some have installed modest models, many home owners will install a dedicated golf room with software that gives homeowners virtual access to any golf course in the world.  Now that’s my idea of fun!Adding recreation room fun takes the stress out of

finding things to do when you have a party or work friends with a common interest.  Shuffleboard and ping pong as well as having your own putting green have become incredibly popular and adding these relatively inexpensive items to your home creates a much more playful atmosphere.  You can even find instructions on how to make a ping pong table from the internet.  It’s very easy!

There’s a lot you can do to make your home a lot more fun so if you have the opportunity to do so it’s easier in the build stage then to add these items into a remodel down the road.