Landscaping design trends

Landscaping has always been called the slowest of the performing arts. After all, you can’t hurry the growth of anything no matter how much fertilizer you apply, and making a garden isn’t like buying a new throw rug but rather stitching a few glimmering threads of your own into nature’s rich tapestry. And yet tastes do change in gardening, as your once-obsessed African violet-growing parents or grandparents could tell you. Landscapers are attuned to what’s hot and what’s not. With that in mind, we took a look at some of the best landscapers in the area to share the biggest trends they anticipate for 2017. Here are 10 trends they say we’ll be seeing more of:


Eco_Landscaping“Locally sourced” continues to be a buzzword in many industries, and garden designers and landscapers are seeing interest not just in native plants but endemic plants which are those plants native to a very particular ecosystem.  These aren’t always readily available in the nursery trade, so transplanting existing plants where you can is a big challenge. Even building materials are sourced hyperbolically.  At Hart DeNoble we use existing rocks and make posts from on-site junipers when possible.

Using native plants and locally sourced materials has been popular for years.   But what’s interesting is the impact that climate change is having on each region and how that drives even more design.  Weather patterns in areas such as Wisconsin frequently change and swing wildly can cause hyper localism.  More rain, drought, increased snowfall, no snowfall, cataclysmic weather events—these are all factors. Adding local rules such as chemical runoff, and storm-water retention, and you have the basis for intense regional, even local, design qualities.  The designer’s challenge has always been to find the balance between natural elements and human wantsEco_Landscaping5 and use. The answer to that challenge today is regionally focused design.  You would not want a southwestern look in central Wisconsin.

Activity areas

Playing out in the yard isn’t just for kids anymore, and even for kids it’s different. Bocce courts, dog and pet spaces, dining areas, fireplaces, hammocks along with exceptional decks
and patios. People no longer want yards they have to weed and constantly maintain. They want places where they can relax and play.  Game courts for adults and families are now increasing in popularity.  Winding paths with crushed red granite will fit any area of the country and if you make them wide enough that’s even less lawn to mow and take care of.  Adding interesting features along the way such as water fountains and bird baths, arbors and a table and chairs is relaxing and easy to take care of.

The list for outdoor fun and interest for you Hart DeNoble home is endless.  We would love to hear about your ideas as its a beautiful world out there and designing an exceptional space for you new home is fun and exciting.