Fall is here …

and back yard sheds take center stage.  As we’re past the end of lawn and summer gardening season you now have to plan on getting ready for winter.  You may also be craving for a better space for your tools and pots than that cluttered corner in the garage. Yuck!  Or, perhaps you are at that point where your existing shed is a mess that seems beyond hope. Whether you’re sketching out plans or dreading cleaning up, there are plenty of ideas and beautiful examples that show off some great sheds to help you get motivated. Think of it this way, a shed can be an extension of your beautiful home and trust me when I say the people will notice an amazing shed.  I don’t mean a shed that you can buy at Home Depot, I’m talking about a cool awesome shed.

The beauty of a great shed is that it can be used for so many things: a potting shed, a tool shed, storage shed, the list is endless and you can have some serious fun with it, too. I know a friend who has a stone shed with solar panels on the roof and all the outdoor electricity is run from it such as and pond pumps and exterior lighting around the yard and pergola.  It’s unbelievable!

I think sheds should be fun and useful along with looking like an extension of your home.  The last thing I want to have is a metal box in the yard that looks like a strong wind would blow it over.  I want cool!  And, I want to use as much recycled material as I can get for next to FREE on Craigs list.  I want to make it a challenge.  (I went to a remodel job site and got more then 100 flag stones used in an old wall for free.  It took me two hours to chip off the old mortar and I know have a beautiful path to my shed.

Shed2This stunning potting shed adds elegance to the property with its formal style, weathered brick and custom windows. Its siting at the edge of the oval garden beyond the fountain recalls the way European landscape their property.  You can even have water and electricity added to your shed.  I’m adding it to mine!

You can do so much here.  How about adding some benches or a fire pit.  You could even turn this shed into a a reading room or an office.  How about an artist retreat.  Fun!

Create connections between the shed and the main house. You can be your own landscape architect and create a landscape that connected your shed to your main house but change it up and add some pizazz. These home owners crafted an arbor from vintage streetlamp posts, created a bluestone patio and added blue Amish-crafted doors to give the potting sheShed3d the presence it deserves

Whatever kind of shed you decide to build for your yard do yourself and your neighbors a favor and make it awesome.  You won’t regret it.