We love our stuff … !

Storage wallWe all love our stuff and want to surround ourselves with all my glorious keepsake treasures as often as possible.  I buy things because I love them and they’re always a reminder of a special day or event — from folksy vintage tins and battered picture frames to pretty glass bottles and old postcards.  I don’t always know where every piece will go when I get home but I usually have a good idea.  My purchases have a purpose when it comes to decorating our home.  That’s not to say I can’t get through the front door for fear of being buried under a mountain of old stuff.  If that sounds like you, then take a look at these storage tricks that will make a big difference to your stash.

Build a storage wall. Admittedly, this idea will take a lot more thought and initial outlay than most of the others here, but once the wall is built, you’ll have it for life. We’re talking about a dedicated storage wall with jigsaw-puzzle-style cubbyholes to hold your ceramics, books, photos and other collections.

I don’t think you need to call in a professional to work out the best configuration for your needs. You can find all kinds of help from online sources.  You can paint the whole thing white — from top to toe — and let your belongings pack a punch with their own colors and shapes.

Invest in a linen chest. A linen closet is the stuff of dreams for a gatherer like myself: a cupboard to fill with a growing collection of vintage cloths, embroidered pillowcases and prettyDisplay your stuff duvet covers. Second best, though, is a large, sturdy linen chest, located in the bedroom or bathroom and piled high with lovely linens and other textiles.

Display your finds. If you don’t want to hide certain collections, then embrace them and display your pieces for all to admire.

This pretty hodgepodge of white-framed mirrors in different shapes and sizes has been transformed into unusual wall art, propped on two slim pictureStorage Bed shelves. Likewise, old suitcases can be stacked to create a quirky display, as well as provide bonus storage for some of your other stuff.  Let your collection evolve: Move pieces from room to room, add new finds (but at least try to make sure they have a place before you buy) and give to charity shops when you tire of a certain object. It’s a great way to keep your home fresh and interesting.

Look under your bed. If the space underneath your bed is already full to bursting with CDs, blankets and old paperwork, one way to make your stuff look a little more palatable is by investing in some under bed storage boxes or drawers. Slim pullout drawers (preferably on wheels for easier access) allow you to create order without everything spilling forth onto the rest of your floor.  Pick up reasonably priced transparent acrylic versions, or invest in custom wooden boxes to match your bed.