How much power do you need …

Flanders ElectricWhen homes were built in the 60’s the power usage for the average home was low.  There were no computers, complicated kitchen appliances, (including convection ovens) dual air conditioners, huge stereo equipment and televisions in every room.  The home office with server stations, printers and multiple monitors didn’t exist yet.  What about all the power needed for those heavy duty garages and power tools.   Microwave ovens and hair dryers were coming into the average home in the 60’s, and many rooms were wired onto the same 15 amp breaker and all you needed was a 60 amp panel in the basement.  Do you remember blowing the fuses and popping breakers a few years back?  I do.    Now you know why you need 400 amps for your new home.

Today’s home has all kinds of electrical needs and the average home now has at least one 200 amp panels and most of them will have two 200 amp panels.  When you build a new home today or remodel an older home and want to upgrade your electrical panel, code requires that you have to put in a 200 amp service panel and move the meter outside.  What?  Do you know what that costs?  About $3,500+.

So, you have to ask yourself  – “Do I really need all this power?”  YES!  Wives and kids don’t care about the electric panel.  My wife doesn’t even know what the electric panel is.  All she knows is that when she flips a switch in the house or turns the power on some device it works and when it doesn’t she calls me. That is not a bad way to live but she just shakes her head and chuckles when I see an awesome electric panel and I get all excited.  For me the meticulously wired electric panel is a thing of beauty.  Its freedom.  Freedom of knowing that every light and piece of equipment in the house or garage can be turned on at the same time without popping a breaker.

If you have any questions or need to speak with someone about your electrical needs we encourage you to use Flanders Electric.