Outdoor living

Patio1It’s that time again.  The winter was long but not too bad but, warm weather is here and it’s time to do some outdoor living.  If you’re like me the back yard is where I would rather be when the temps warm up.  Grilling, gardening, the tricking sound of the pond and relaxing by the fireplace in the evening is perfect after a long day of work.  There’s nothing better.

If you’re building a house this summer spend enough time thinking about the back yard and don’t decide to “think about that later”.  To be honest ‘later’ comes much quicker then you think and then you’re wishing you would have done it right when you had the opportunity during the construction phase.

But if you’re just starting your backyard renovation in your new Hart DeNoble home there’s all kinds of things you can do to start enjoying the back yard.

1. Create a space big enough for guests and furniture –

Too many people make the mistake of building the deck or patio too small and then when they start add furniture, flower pots, a grill to it there’s no room for anything else.   When you have a party all your guests are standing in the grass or bumping into each other trying to move around.   Whatever size you’re deck or patio is going to be – double it!  You won’t regret it.  My friend just made this very mistake even after I warned him about the size when he should me the plans.  I suggested wrapping the patio all the way around the back of the house and go farther out into the yard.  He has a large yard that is just begging for all kinds of good stuff.  He didn’t think that was right and built it the way he had it drawn up.  Last September my wife and I were there for a fantasy football draPatio2ft day cookout and party and everyone was standing in the grass because the patio wasPatio3 too small once the furniture was added.  Big mistake but one that is easily corrected.  Just add on to it.

2. Create some interest –

If you’re going to do something spend the extra time and do it right.  Flower pots and pergolas are fun.  If you don’t have the budget for a fireplace add a fire pit.  Who doesn’t love the smell of a fire snapping and cracking in the yard.  Light it up with accent lighting.  Add some speakers for music.  I know some friends who actually have a flat screen TV that can be moved in and out of their patio.  Its great fun when the badgers are playing especially when it’s a crisp fall day.  You get the feel of the campus bars and game without having to be there.