Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to realize that sometimes it’s not the answers you receive that are significant, but what you don’t hear when building your home. Asking the right questions is not enough. You need to pay attention to your instincts and to what information is missing.  Unlike your accountant or stockbroker, your new home contractor will be a part of your daily life and available for some on-the-job education. The constructions crew will be privy to your personal life, more so than your doctor or lawyer. Your contractor will know how you look early in the morning and how well behaved your dog is. It makes sense that you should take some time to carefully select this person and make sure that it is someone you can ask questions of.  Home building can be a fun experience and at Hart DeNoble Builders we try very hard to do just that.   All of us want to help you create your dream home and you can also learn a little about design and building along the way. All you need to do is ask questions that many fine home builders don’t hear enough. So please don’t hesitate to ask us about anything you feel is important. Building a home is a big step and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Let’s begin right here.

Yes.  For each job we provide a contract complete with detailed specifications.
Hart has been working in the construction industry his entire career and the team has more then 100 years of combined experience in building magnificent homes.
With our experienced staff we are able to meet each owners schedules and are generally digging within one week of signing the contract.
We have been building fine custom homes since 1981.

Make a list of your own!

We ask for a small deposit upon signing the contract and then invoice monthly as work progresses.
As proud, longstanding members of the Madison Area Builders Association, we look forward each year to participate in the very popular Parade of Homes.
All you have to do is ask us and we will gladly provide you a list of references.
Once the foundation has been poured we will create a job schedule and a timeline that is unique to your project.

Let’s get started!

Our typical contract is a fixed price contract with advances.  We are flexible to other options should they happen to come up.
You will learn early on that this business is revolves around honesty and integrity.  Your customized job schedule will be very accurate allowing us to meet the projected move-in date 100% of the time unless there are unforeseen changes.
Our jobs are often visited on a daily basis.  The Quality Subcontractor network we use does not require 24/7 supervision.
We have a full-time draftsman on staff who will design many of the homes we build each year.  We also build many homes designed by others.