Room Symmetry

Symmetry3Have you ever felt a strange feeling of calm when you walk into a room but your not sure what it is your feeling?  What you’re feeling is symmetry if you can feel such a thing.  Human faces, snowflakes, violins, the Eiffel Tower — so much of our world is symmetrical, it’s no wonder the eye is drawn to things with a mirror-image quality, including interiors. No matter your decor style, embracing symmetry can help your space look amazing and it makes you feel good.

Whether you’re bringing grandeur to a small space or doing more with your art collection, here are a few reasons to work symmetry into your rooms.  Actually, I feel that everything should have symmetry, especially rooms.  You can also build symmetry into gardens, landscaping and everything you do regarding your home.  There’s even a great deal of symmetry built into roof lines and doors and windows.


1. Symmetry can make your dining room feel fancier. Formal symmetry (where two sides of a room are close to mirror images of each other) dresses up aSymmetry4 space. In the dining room, try hanging framed artwork on either side of a large mirror for a classic, elegant look. I personally don’t care for mirrors so I would switch out the mirror for a large painting or a large group of photo’s.  You can place matching lamps, sculptures or vases at either end of a buffet table — the more objects repeated on each side of the room, the more formal the space will feel.  I also love mixing matching dinning room chairs.  The chairs on either end are different then the chairs in the middle of the table.  That makes for great symmetry.

3. Symmetry can deliver a big statement on any size budget. If you want to make an impact without spending big, you can choose budget finds arranged symmetrically. Here, bold black stripes painted on the wall (a project you can do yourself) set the tone for a chic black and white scheme. A simply framed, blown-up black and white poster centered above a settee and flanked by matching end tables and lamps completes the picture in mirror-image style.  Black and white images in Symmetry2multi colored frames make a great impression.

4. Symmetry can do wonders for your art or photography collection. If you have a piece of art you love, but it’s too small to stand on its own, try surrounding it with smaller, identically framed art or photography, as shown here. What would have been a canvas swallowed up by too much wall is now a beautiful focal point that draws your eye up down and all around the wall. Other sure bets in arranging include an evenly spaced grid or a vertical column of art in matching frames.  This is my favorite look as you can turn art or photography into a gallery like presence.

What’s nice about this is that you don’t need a lot of money or a lot of items to create symmetry.  You just need to have a good eye for how the mind and eye flows around a room or a garden or a yard.