Simply put – Sonos is amazing and worth every penny.  However, it’s not that expensive and it’s so easy to set up and control with your phone or iPad on a free app!  Check out this awesome video.

When and if you decide to build your new home don’t forget about Sonos.  The video shows desk top speakers but you can hook up ceiling speakers and fill the entire house with sound all controlled from your phone.  You will need to set up some electronics to support all the speakers but there’s no longer the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on built in sound systems.

I know a friend who did the same thing with Apple’s Airport Express units for only a few hundred dollars.  Over the years he had collected several stereo receivers (as everyone does) and hooked up the airport express units to each one.  From there he added four speakers to each receiver and filled the house with sound all running on his iTunes and controlled from his iPhone.  How cool is that!