Stone walls & landscaping

Rockwall1Stone walls have long been used to define outdoor spaces and add natural appeal to the landscape — drive through any New England village and you will likely see low rock walls dotting the countryside. Landscape designers and homeowners today are updating these rustic stone structures for current lifestyles. From innovative designs integrating fountains, fire pits and benches to beautifully practical solutions for challenging spaces, the rock wall has come a long way from its rural roots.

Beauty & Class

Take a cue from this stunning patio and use a curved rock wall with an attached bench to define a seating area around a fire pit.  Rock walls add beauty and a more then a touch of class.  Exterior rooms like these can be enjoyed all year long – even in the winter as you can cozy up with a hot beverage and enjoy the great outdoors.
Good ‘yardscaping’ will give structure to a wide expanse of lawn. Use a gently curving, low stone wall to set the patio area apart from the rest of the yard. For more privacy, add flowers like these black-eyed Susan’s and small trees on the patio side of the stone wall.  You may want to block off areas of the yard and separate the front portion of the yard from the back and you can do this by adding stone steps in the middle of the wall for a stunning look of architectural design and creativity.


There are many different kinds of stone to choose from when deciding to build a stone wall in your yard.  Flat field stone is an easy choice for most home owners but if you really want to get creative try using multiple kinds of stone with endless shapes and colors for a dramatic look.  Flat, round big and small may be a bit more time consuming but you will be pleased with the end result.

There is something to be said for a pleasing-to-the-eye uniformed look of a curvy stone wall but sometimes an unconventional look is incredible!  I think mixing and matching a variety of natural stone is a wonderful idea and its hard to make a mistake with how it will look.  It’s going to look beautiful.  How can it not!

Landscaping is fun and the beauty of it is you can take your time and build as you go.  You don’t have to do everything all at once and there are countless books to help you decide.  After you build your new home you need to live in it awhile and get to know the seasons and how they affect your yard and living space.  Some lots are open to sun while others are wooded and secluded.  Many people would enjoy living spaces away from the house in a get-away-from-it-all experience where you have to walk down a beautifully landscaped Stone wall5stone path and arrive at your outdoor fireplace and pergola while others want the outdoor experience right off the back door.  Either way will depend on how you live and what you want the experience to be.

Adding a fireplace, a pond, waterfalls, patios and plant life add so much interest to your yard that everyone will want to be part of your outdoor living space.  With todays technology you can even add outdoor televisions to watch the big game and capture the tailgate and stadium feel.  Our staff works with some of the best outdoor living companies in Wisconsin such as Olson Toon Landscaping and Corning and Associates.

The real beauty of outdoor living is how it makes you feel.  Everyday is different and, although you may own the space, it also belongs to nature as you can only control the inside of your home with limited control of the outside.  But that’s ok, it’s supposed to be that way.

The Hart DeNoble staff.

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