Who doesn’t want to work from home …

homeoffice1Yes, work is over rated!  I’m only kidding of course but with the latest trends in technology working from home can be unbelievably productive and rewarding.  There are many people in all kinds of jobs who log in to their company servers using Citrix, communicate with Skype or video Skype and pass along sensitive documents using DropBox or many other secure services that are basically free.  What else do you need?  Some people will tell you that that they need the interaction and collaboration with people to be productive while others want the peace and quite to work undisturbed.

Having the right office in your home has tremendous advantages to productivity.  Some people create their work spaces above the garage while others become creative and turn unused lower levels or spare bedrooms into a magnificent office spaces. Most people will not have clients or co-workers coming over for meetings so decorating your home office has limitless possibilities.  I personally like long work tables that follow the shape of theroom along the wall and window views.  I have two printers but I hardly ever use them anymore as I never really have to print anything anymore.

I have friends who can work solely from a laptop and a cell phone and are as mobile as anyone has ever been.  They have multiple monitors at home they can plug into their Mac Book Pro and then take the laptop on the road.  Beautiful!


There are countless ways to work from home these days and the only thing you really have to concern yourself with is your Internet connection.  You can have the greatest office and equipment in the world but the weakest link to your system and productivity is your connection to the Internet.  However, for the rare times it happens to go down for whatever reason the savings you create are remarkable.  Gasoline, child care, a second vehicle and insurance for that vehicle, lunch and spending money not to mention travel costs which is now reduced to a minimum.


If you’re going to build a home office in your new home may I suggest that you go the extra mile and make it a bigger room then you planned on.  You won’t regret it.  A home office is like a shed or a patio or a pond or a garage – later on you’re going to wish you made it bigger.

The Hart DeNoble staff.

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